Gallstones Symptoms Can Be Pretty Serious

Gallstones Complications

Living with gallstones symptoms can be pretty serious. From stones as small as a grain of sand to large as a golf ball, either smooth or rough, they should never be ignored. Whether you have just one stone or many of them, gallstones have to be treated. They can clog your body’s cleansing organs and create a toxic environment that can seriously impact your health.

What are the symptoms of gallstones?

You may feel tired, gain weight, suffer from inflamed tissues and can even face a weakened immune system. If you think that the signs of gallstones aren’t that bad, think again. Your gallstones may not be causing much pain now, but do you really want to wait until the pain gets extreme?

Doing nothing about your gallstone symptoms can have grave consequences and bring about a number of complications:

Biliary Colic

When gallstones block the gallbladder ducts, you will experience gallbladder attack symptoms of sharp pain in your abdomen that can last for up to several hours at a time.


Ongoing blockage of the gallbladder ducts can result in your gallbladder becoming inflamed. As time passes by, the gallbladder is attacked by bacteria that come streaming in from the intestine. You might feel gallbladder stones symptoms of constant pain in the upper right abdomen and find it quite difficult to even move. In chronic cases, you may a have a fever, with your skin and eyes turning a yellowish color (jaundice). Cholecystitis is commonly treated with antibiotics for several days.


When cholecystitis gets out of control, it can stop the blood supply to your gallbladder. This can result in the gallbladder wall tissues dying off and eventually lead to your gallbladder rupturing. Yes, this is bad, as the infection can then spread to your entire abdomen.


Cholangitis occurs when the common bile duct becomes blocked and infected. If not treated on time, the infection can spread and become life-threatening. If you are above 50 years and have symptoms of gallbladder stones along with kidney failure, liver abscess or cirrhosis, you are at a serious risk of getting Cholangitis.


When gallstones block the pancreatic duct (that removes the digestive juices from the pancreas) it can result in inflammation of the pancreas. You can be faced with intense, constant abdominal pain and might even require hospitalization.


Sepsis results when bacteria within your body enter the bloodstream and begin to spread throughout the body. This can result in a bacterial infection of tissues and abscesses. If you are suffering from sepsis you can have high fever, high white blood cell count, blood pressure drops and shaking chills.


Sometimes the gallstones erode the walls of your inflamed gallbladder and nearby organs, causing bile to flow to the small intestine, stomach, or the common bile duct. This flowing concentrated bile juice can then lead to serious conditions such as diarrhea and peritonitis.


When a gallstone leaves your gallbladder and enters the intestine, it often obstructs the flow of gas, food and liquids, which results in Ileus. Ileus can be pretty serious and sometimes fatal, so it requires immediate surgery.

Perforated Gallbladder

Perforated gallbladder is a life-threatening condition that occurs in people who do not seek help for gallbladder inflammation. You might feel the pain has decreased when the gallbladder is perforated, but in reality you are mistaken as it can actually lead to widespread abdominal infection.

Gallbladder Cancer

About 80% of people diagnosed with this cancer are likely to have suffered from gallstones. The sad part is that the symptoms are not diagnosed until the cancer reaches a later stage. Common symptoms include anemia, lump in abdomen, weight loss and vomiting.

The next time you have abdominal pain and experience symptoms of a gallbladder attack, it’s best to get your gallstones removed before you face serious life threatening consequences. You do not have to be afraid because with natural remedies and a gallstone flush you can save yourself from coming under the knife!

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