Gallstone Removal Report Review

Gallbladder Removal: It’s Not Your Only Option!

If you have ever been diagnosed with gallstones, I’m sure you have gone through intense bouts of abdominal pain that arise unexpectedly, but sometimes last for as long as 3 to 4 hours. As the gallstones rub against the inside of your gallbladder, the nagging pain seems like it’s never going to stop.

And that’s when you start looking for cures.

Note: Having personally bought  Joe Barton’s Gallstone Removal Report™, and followed the advice, this is my review.

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Usual Cures:

With gallstones, doctors usually prescribe a surgical procedure to treat your gallbladder pains. Their solution involves surgical removal of the gallbladder. These doctors usually claim that gallbladders don’t really serve a purpose, and there won’t be any side effects to the procedure. They are wrong!

Nobody knows if it is just ignorance or deliberate deception on their part, but that’s not the truth!

In reality, nothing inside your body is useless. Without your gallbladder, bile flows directly into your small intestines even when they are empty and don’t need it. This ends up hurting your intestines as the bile turns acidic, and starts eating at the walls of your intestines.

So if gallbladder surgery is too risky, then what other treatments are there?

Luckily there are safer alternatives you can take to get rid of your gallstones. One such option is Joe Barton’s Gallstone Removal Report.

Gallstone Removal Report

Joe Barton’s Gallstone Removal Report!

Joe Barton, a Medical author and researcher, has come up with a program for gallstone removal.

In a world full of unneeded surgeries and drugs with harmful side effects, he emphasizes that his program is completely natural and doesn’t have any bad consequences.

  • 90 Percent Success Rate!
    This report promises some amazing things. People who have used Joe’s program report overnight relief. More than 90% of its users have reported success within the first 2 days of using it whereas others get there within a week. I wish I could give you the same encouraging stats for prescription medicines.
  • No Painful Procedures Required:
    The report gives some easy to use, affordable remedies that remove gallstones easily, painlessly and usually overnight!  And the best part is that you get to keep your gallbladder… forever! The report is fact checked, and Joe Barton has spent a huge amount of money and time researching for the ultimate gallstone remedy.
  • No Side Effects…Really?
    Yes – that’s the beauty of natural remedies. They work and are always in your favor. The report seems to be a naturalist approach to the issue. It gives various natural cures to break down and flush out your gallstones. It also contains all the information a patient might need about their condition. Complete with a lifestyle change guide, it outlines your new diet and the kind of dietary supplements necessary to prevent a recurrence of gallstones.

And the fact is that Joe’s report has gotten some pretty good word of mouth recommendations. Many people have benefited from this book and even well-respected physicians have supported his methods.

But there’s a catch!

Joe Barton’s solution to gallstones is more of a lifestyle challenge.

  • Watch what goes in your mouth!
    Yes you will have to be careful about your eating habits. Gallstones usually form because of poor diet and the resultant lack of healthy nutrients. So you will need to make a long term commitment to your health.
  • And that includes exercising!
    Yes, exercise is a cure-all! So how does exercise reduce your risk of getting gallstones? Along with a good diet, exercise can help reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This means no more gallstones.
  • So it’s not so bad!
    Its pretty amazing actually, not only will these methods help you get rid of gallstones forever but also improve your gallbladder health and adjust your lifestyle for good. Follow Joe Barton’s guidelines and you will be living a healthier, longer and more fruitful life.

Even if you are successful while following the program, you must make sure that you don’t go back to your previous gallstone-causing lifestyle. Learn to eliminate cholesterol from your diet and drink water. These guidelines will not only help you in the long run, but will also make Joe Barton’s program more effective.

This program is also a lot cheaper than surgery and expensive drugs. And since it’s natural, your doctor shouldn’t have any issues with it.

To learn more about the Gallstone Removal Report, click here to visit the official site.


  1. genista

    hi.. am thinkin of gettin the treatmentfor gallstoness. how do it work. is it a piil. or liquid cause i cant swallow pills. after takin the treatment and when passin da stones in the washroom will it hurt when its comin out.. also i have a 5 mthh old baby.. which am still breadfeedin him. ewill the tretment be good for him also.. i also wanna know what ingredients does herbal treatment contains.. please reply me eveythin i ask.. i did go through the website and not all the info. i want is there. if i were too orderit online with my credit card. how long will it take too come too me. i live in toronto canada. THANKS for your info.. hope too hear from u very soon.

    1. Terry

      Hi Genista,

      The Gallstone Removal Report is an ebook that contains all the information you need to know about getting rid of gallstones and cleansing your gallbladder. It is not a physical product, but a book in PDF format which you can instantly download after payment.

      In the book are listed a number of natural, herbal and homeopathic remedies available to naturally pass your gallstones. The good thing is that most of the ingredients listed can be bought from your local health store or supermarket.

      The book also outlines the various foods and drinks which you must avoid eating, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and prevent new gallstones from forming.

      Like I said earlier, you will have access to the book and the list of natural remedies IMMEDIATELY after payment. So no need to wait 🙂

      Whether it will hurt when passing your gallstones…Well, in my case they just came right out, without much discomfort at all, but it obviously depends on how big they are. But I think in most cases, if you follow the cleanse instructions properly; you should be able to pass your gallstones quite easily.

      The advantage of eating the right foods and avoiding all the bad stuff outlined in the report is that your body will be filled with more nutrients and vitamins, which will improve the quality of your breast-milk, and in that way, YES, the remedies will help your 5 month old.

      The herbal treatments outlined in the report contain a number of natural ingredients, mostly extracted from plants, and various salts. So you should not have a problem taking any of them. The good news is that there are so many different remedies to try in the report, that if you happen to be allergic/not allowed to take some of the ingredients, then you can simply skip that remedy and try another from the report.

      Hope that answers all your questions 🙂

      You can get a copy of the report here – Gallstone Removal Report.

      Oh and once you download the report, it may be a good idea to go through the remedies with your doctor to make sure it is safe to take them while breast-feeding.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

      Best of luck!


  2. Emily

    I’ve been told by a couple different doctors that I have a “rather large” stone. I forget the measurement. (Although, I’m sure I could find out.)
    Because I’m already sure it’s large in size, I’m apprehensive any “passing” approach. I would like to focus on passing it and then change my diet to prevent future problems and improve my overall health.

    I know the importance of the gallbladder and would like to keep it. But, passing the stone scares me. I have had 4 children and 2 severe gallbladder attacks, not sure which was worse.

    What if it gets stuck? Is it possible to have complications during the passing process? I can handle a little pain, but I worry about it getting lodged and then possibly infected.

    Thank you in advance for any reply. =)

    1. Terry

      Hi Emily,

      There are 2 parts to doing a successful gallstone flush (which is outlined in the report). The first part of the process helps to soften and sometimes break-up your gallstones, and the second part helps to lubricate your gallbladder neck, so that the stones can be passed through easily. I heard of one woman with a 3.4cm gallstone that had to do a number of consecutive flushes to eventually get rid of her rather large gallstone.

      Will it hurt? Well, if you follow the procedure outlined in the report properly, it really shouldn’t. And compared to child-birth, there really is nothing to it, but only if you follow the directions properly. And remember, if the gallstone does not get flushed out the first time or gets stuck in the gallbladder neck, then simply do another flush procedure.

      Hope that settles your nerves!

      ~ Terry

  3. Anna

    Hello I have some questions regarding this method of treatment, My brother was just told that he also has gall stones however he also has slugde and surgery is mandatory. Does this particular treatment also apply to deminishing the sludge as well as the stones??
    Please let me know if so.
    Thank You

    1. Terry

      Hi Anna,

      This method of treatment would be ideal for your brother, since sludge is usually a precursor to gallstones.

      You see sludge eventually hardens into gallstones, so it is best to try these remedies as soon as possible before more gallstones start to form.

      Surgery would only be mandatory AFTER all natural methods were unsuccessful! Unfortunately some doctors like to take short-cuts or simply do not have faith that their patients could follow through with a natural cleanse, and lifestyle change.

      If your brother is willing to do everything possible to follow through with the methods outlined in the Gallstone Removal Report, so that he can cleanse his gallbladder of the sludge build-up and gallstones AND avoid surgery, then I’d say go for it!

      Hope that answers your questions.


    1. Terry

      Hi Carolyn,

      Although the report does have a section on improving your diet, it also focuses on natural ways to flush out the gallstones – which is probably the most important part.
      The diet section is for helping prevent more gallstones from forming in the future.

      Hope that clears things up for you.


  4. Lanie

    Hi Terry, I have been told that my gallbladder is full of stones and if I have an attack to go to the hospital and they will remove it, so if this is the case with so many that they couldn’t believe that I hadn’t had an attack would this help me at all? Thanks Lanie

  5. nasema


    I have been told i have gallstones, i would like to know if one flush will bring out the stones or well i have to do lots of them to bring out the stones.


  6. ken


    my wife was told she has multiple ‘sand-sized’ gallstones so they have to operate and remove the whole thing. Does this program work on sand sized gallstones as well? any thoughts? thanks so much

    1. Terry

      Hi Ken,

      I don’t see why this program shouldn’t work. The larger your gallstones are, the longer it will take for a natural cleansing program (like this one) to work (since the stones first have to be broken up). Seeing that your wife’s gallstones are “sand-size” (which I assume means really small), there should be no problem getting rid of them naturally. Like I tell anyone, surgery should be seen as a last resort – only after you’ve tried all the natural treatments and even some harsh medicines. Because remember, once your gallbladder is removed, it is gone for good!

      So, if I were her, I’d try the natural approach (like this program), and stick to it til the very end. Only if the pain is too unbearable, or if the gallstones become life-threatening should she move onto harsher alternatives like medicines or surgery.


    1. Terry

      Hi Amy,

      Although this program makes use of natural ingredients, you need to be careful about taking certain ones during pregnancy. If you do want to go the natural route, then I think the best idea would be to get a copy of this program, print it out, and go through it with your doctor to help you identify which ingredients you need to avoid in the program. That way you can still have a completely natural cleanse without harming the health of your baby.

      Let me know how it turns out for you.


  7. Suzanna

    I have a 10 yr daughter who has gallstones. The drs want to remove her gallbladder. I disagree. How would this program work for a child?

  8. namarata

    My husband has been detected with gallstone of size 1.5cm.

    Doctors have advised him to surgically remove his gall bladder but I am not ok with the gall bladder getting removed as it also plays a vital role in our body..

    Can using Joe Barton method or any other method which dosent have side effects help pass the gallstone without any pain.


    1. Terry

      Hi Namarata,

      Like you, I believe he should do everything naturally possible to get rid of that gallstone before even thinking of removing his gallbladder. Although Joe’s method is aimed at people with smaller gallstones, if I were your husband I’d still give Joe’s method a try first.

      Will there be pain? I’m not sure – it all depends on how well your husband follows the directions. The idea behind the Gallstone Removal Report is to first soften and break down the gallstones, and then flush them out of your body. So as long as his gallstone gets softened and broken down enough first, there shouldn’t be a lot of discomfort if and when it comes out.


  9. Namarata

    Thanks Terry, just a thought if my husband follows the procedure properly then i m guessing no problems will take place…

    As my husband has gone through ESWL process for kidney stone sometime 3 days back (ie on the 18th March 2011)…

    1. Terry


      I’m not sure what the outcome will be in this case. All I can say is that with ESWL, small fragments of the kidney stones are eventually excreted through the urinary tract when you pee. (if I’m not mistaken??) Whereas with passing gallstones, it is through your intestines – a completely different cleansing process.

      With all these surgeries going on with your husband it sounds to me like they’re trying to sell him another…I hope they are encouraging a change in diet too – since it was diet that let your husband to having kidney stones and gallstones in the first place. If you’re wondering, the report does include advice on the right foods to eat to avoid gallstones in the future.

      As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”…


  10. Namarata

    Hi Terry,

    The doctors have told me post his gall surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) he can have everything except too much spicy and oily food…

    there is no diet as such that i have been told to follow..Nevertheless i shall follow Dr Joe Barton procedure once…

    Where does Joe Barton practice from, which country?


    1. Terry

      Hi Namarata,

      I think Joe is based in the United States. I’m not sure that he’s a doctor – on his site it just says that he’s a “medical author and researcher”. But I do have faith in his advice, as it definitely helped me and many others get rid of our gallstones.


  11. Gene

    I’m 65 with a lot of medical conditions (heart, by-pass, high BP, Defib/Pacemaker, 6 stents, diabetes 2, neurology, sleep apnea, & beat prostate cancer, etc.) and of course I take a lot of medications…a lot.
    So you can see my concerns about any ‘natural’ health remedy. I guess what I want to know is; how safe is this procedure with my medications and health conditions?
    Thank you,

    1. Terry

      Hi Kimora,

      First you need to go to the official site here.
      Once on their site, find the link to buy the report.
      You can either pay via credit card or PayPal.
      After payment, you’ll be directed to the download page, where you can save the report to your computer. For your records, you’ll also get email confirmation with your invoice and the download link.

      That’s it really.


  12. Jess

    Hi Terry

    I am 4-5 weeks pregnant and just discovered that I have roughly a 1cm stone that was discovered by an Ultrasound after suffering severe pain in my abdomin and back.

    Is this treatment safe for me to undergo?

    If I need to check with my doctor first, I buy it and then find out that I can’t follow the treatment, do I still get the refund?

    Kind Regards

    1. Terry

      Hi Jessica,

      First off, congratulations on the pregnancy.

      Yes, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor first. I think refunds are only given for legitimate reasons. In your case, I’m sure you could get a refund if your doctor says that the treatment is not right for your circumstances. It is a good enough reason, of course.


  13. marydel gamo

    my gallbladder is nearly full with gallstones, will the treatment in the report would still be effective?

    1. Terry

      Hey Marydel,

      The treatment is generally suited for people with small to medium size gallstones, but I have heard of patients using it successfully with rather large ones too. Whether it will work for you? If I were you, I’d give it a try and find out for yourself. As long as you follow it properly, there really should not be any complications (if that is what you’re worried about).


  14. Mrs. Fish

    Hi! Was just diagnosed w/gallstones & recently starting having intermittent pain under rt breast. Various sizes up to 2.2cm + ‘sludge’. Dr. talked 2 me about surgery ASAP & I don’t want my gb removed. I told him “God gave it to us for a reason” & he replied “God didn’t make McDonalds”! 🙂 Anyway, he was concerned about ‘sandlike’ stones stuck in bile duct if I did a flush & made my husband a little nervous. I would be more concerned about the larger ones getting stuck! It was mentioned 2 me that drinking oo/juices wouldn’t affect the stones since the oo/juices, etc go from stomach to intestines – not into gallbladder to ‘soften/dissolve/expel’ stones. I really want to attempt the flush but after getting ‘blurry eyed’ researching natural cures & ‘bah, humbug’ sites I’m getting a little concerned. Then I came upon this site. Thank u for any assistance you may be able to offer.

    1. Terry Post author

      Hi Mrs Fish,

      As mentioned earlier, the nice thing about a natural cleanse is that you can do more than one if the gallstones happen to get “stuck” in the bile duct or if not all the gallstones come out in the first attempt. Also the larger stones sometimes are not softened or broken up enough to pass through after the first cleanse, so a second or third is then necessary.

      If you follow the cleansing procedure properly, then your gallstones should be softened and your gallbladder and bile duct lubricated enough for the stones to pass through with relative ease. I do not see how the “sand-like” stones will get stuck. Usually they pass right through.

      If you feel concerned about the flush, and you are not sure whether surgery is really necessary, then by all means get a second opinion from another doctor. This is sad, but true, that many physicians these days like to prey on the desperation of their patients and offer them the most expensive and risky option to be done “ASAP”. Remember that there is more than one doctor out there to serve you, so speak with as many as you like first, just to be sure.

      I guess this is all the advice I can offer you on the subject. At the end of the day, it is your body, and therefore your right to choose which treatment is best for you.

      All the best,

  15. Gina G.

    I just found out I have Gallstones. The Doctor didn’t even want to tell the size of the gallstones. He said we really wouldn’t know until I have the surgery as far as size. Is this true?? I’m concerned…

    1. Terry Post author

      Hi Gina,

      If you had an ultrasound (sonogram) done, then your doctor would be able to have a good idea of the size of your gallstones. I don’t blame you that you’re worried about getting surgery after getting such a mysterious diagnosis from your doctor. If I were you I would get a second opinion.

  16. Linda

    My husband had gallstones – lots of them and big. He had the scan done and was told he needed surgery immediately but he did not have any insurance and the doctor wanted payment up front. We didn’t have the money and my husband was very sick, had lost about 45 pounds and in so much pain that he couldn’t function at all. He found this gallstone flush and gave it a try. It worked!!!! He passed hundreds of stones and some very large ones. They were soft but looked like rocks. We feel this flush saved his life. It has been 7 years and he has done the flush 2 more times over the years just to clean out any new stones. We recommend this flush to everyone we meet.

  17. dellaroth

    my grand daughter has gallstones that are killing her with pain but she is on public aid with two children.

  18. louise

    I have gallstone it was confirmed on the abdominal ultra sound twice when i went to emergency room 2010/2011 recently. my surgeon said it has to be removed but, I am quite hesitant seeing some of my patient as a bedside RN suffering complications such as persistent diarrhea, my primary doctor advice to seek alternative medicine if it really cause pain once a year and if stone is not on common bile duct. in short i did tried cleansing following strictly what it says regarding epsum salt and fresh grapefruit/ lemon juice. all i saw on the toilet bowl are hundreds of green chaffs no stone noted, i have no idea if it was successful untill verfied by ultra sound.

    1. Terry Mclean Post author

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. So you’re saying that the ultra-sound confirmed that the gallstones were successfully flushed out?

  19. ian

    I also have been diagnosed with gallstones and thinking of using the flush as an alternative medicine. In my ultra sound, it says “multiple sandlike shadowing echoes are noted leveling in the bladder” – is this the indicator of presence of stone? And when its sand-like that it says, how small is that to be flushed out? It wasn’t really fully described in the results.

    Will an ultrasound test after the flushed method will confirmed the removal of gallstones and after seeing all the green things in the stool? I won’t hesitate to try this method. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Terry Mclean Post author

      Hi Ian,

      It sounds to me like you have a number of small gallstones. Whether you have small or relatively large stones, you can use the flush method.

      What makes the flush effective is that it softens and breaks down the stones for easier passing. After your first flush, you should be able to notice tiny stones in your stool, but if they’re really small and sand-like they may be hard to spot. However, the ultra sound will confirm how well the flush worked.

      What I like about this option is that it can be performed more than once, so if only a small number of the gallstones come out on the first attempt, then simply repeat the process.

      And remember, if your doctor is not willing to explain your results and the treatment options in laymen terms, then I suggest you get a second opinion or find another doctor.

      Best of luck,

  20. Gina

    Thank you so much! After the flush I had hundreds of stoness removed!
    I also have had no attacks since then. I’m feeling so much better
    Thanks to your remedy! I will be doing this flush every 6 monthss!

    1. Terry Mclean Post author

      Hi Gina,

      I’m so glad to hear about your success with the flush. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress.

      To think that your doctor recommended surgery to you! I’m sure you’re glad you never had to go through with that.

  21. Gina

    You are right. I didn’t want the surgery. I see my brother and my sister in laws, all 3 of them going through so many digestional problems; bad heartburn; diarrhea; acid reflux, its bad. I only wish they went through with the flush. They were very skeptical. I recommend everyone goes natural. You will feel so much better without the medications and side effects and extra huge expenses! Again, thank you for your help this has improved my quality of life significantly! Yay! 🙂

  22. Sandy

    Hi, I was wondering, will it help in removing “calcified gallstones”?

    I had an ultrasound done recently, and the doctor just asked me to fill the forms in for the surgery!! He didn’t even offer any alternative methods. And when I insisted that I had done my bit of research and that I have heard of medications which aids in dissolving the stones….he says “yeah that is true…but it will just come back again, once your body starts making gallstones, it will just keep on making it”…..

    Plus it would be a key-hole surgery…..which has just as many complications as successes, my sister-in-law had the worst experience, they had stuffed up……so I have put it on hold and doing more research….and have told my husband that I will end up for the gallbladder removal only when I have an attack & the stone gets stuck……until then I am keeping all my organs intact……

    So I was wondering,…..will this work on mine??? the stones range in various sizes plus some of them are calcified as well. Will it work on the calcified gallstones?….If it works…I will share my result on facebook as well as pass the word around to friends as well… please ….

    1. Terry Mclean Post author

      Hi Sandy,

      Great question! Calcified gallstones are typically the last stones to come out from the gallstone flush. Reason being – they are much heavier than the typical cholesterol stones, where gravity causes them to sink to the lower part of your gallbladder. These stones can be quite stubborn to remove, but it varies from person to person. Some people pass them on their first flush, while it may take up to 6 to 9 flushes for others. Because they are heavier, they will not float in water like cholesterol stones, but will sink. That is a good way to tell if you’ve passed any.

      Just to be clear, the flush mentioned in the guide does NOT make use of any medications, but simple home remedies that are widely available. As a result, you can do the flush as many times as you like, and should not experience any discomfort or side-effects. Just make sure to follow the instructions and recommendations properly.

      Sorry for the late reply. Let me know if you need anything else.


  23. Tatjana


    I was diagnosed with gallstone polyps. I also believe I have stones, which weren’t seen on ultrasound as I had a recent severe gallbladder attack…severe pain right upper quadrant lasting over an hour. Would your program help prevent future polyps and stones? Does it help improve gallbladder function? Thank you.

  24. pakinam

    I also have been diagnosed with a 2.5cm gallstone. Many doctors have recommended me to do the surgery btw am 20yrs old and I think it will have bad consequences on my health. Should I go for the surgery or not?

  25. Lynn

    I just found this site after being discharged from hospitalization for cholecystitis attack 2 days ago. I want to try the flush but I’m still tender all across the upper abdomen. Much imaging found not only gallstones, but left side kidney stones (no pain or symptoms) but 1 stone will be too large to pass should it leave the kidney. Will this flush cause kidney stones to dislodge as well as the gallstones? More info: ER ultrasound confirmed my severe URQ pain was indeed cholecystitis & I was admitted as doubled over in pain and needed IV fluids, morphine & antibiotics. The next day I felt good, no fever so they discharged me but set up additional imaging “for the future”. Reports below. I was released with script for Amox-Clav 850 2/day for 7 days which made me sick so had to stop after taking 2 due to tender gallbladder area with add’ll belly bloating & pain. Now taking Pepcid AC & barely eating & low grade fever is back. All calming slowly. Of note is that I found reports that Amox-Clav 850 can cause cholecystitis so I know why I had a set-back after being sent home! No clue why I was given something known to cause the problem I was admitted for!! The US report says “gallbladder contains multiple echogenic shadowing stones as well as surrounding mobile sludge with wall thickening up to 5 mm. Stones measuring in the 10-15 mm range in size”… liver is normal in size & contour….no intra or extrahepatic bilary ductal dilation. The common duct measures approx 5 mm in caliber. Portal venus flow is appropriately into the liver. Normal portal vein waveform.” The x-ray report says “multiple calcified gallstones”. My CT scan report says “Distended gallbladder with several calcified gallstones. Mild pericholecystic fluid & gallbladder wall thickening. There is no bilary ductal dilatation (dilation?) “Impression: Cholelithiasis with gallbladder wall thickening & pericholecystic fluid, concerning for acute cholecystitis.” Sorry to have written a book, but considering all of the above, especially the kidney stone potential issue, am I a candidate for a flush or two? Thank you!


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