Gallstone Cleanse – The Painless Natural Gallstone Flush

Gallstone CleanseGetting a gallstone cleanse is a good option if you want to free your gallbladder from unwanted stones. These stones are the result of crystallized mineral salts and come at different sizes. If you happen to have a small one in your body, it can easily be flushed out from your system.

However, if you have a large one, it can block small ducts and lead to excruciating pain. Instead of the traditional surgical procedure, you can follow some other ways to remove the stone through natural cleansing procedures.

Pre-Cleansing Treatments

Before the actual gallstones cleanse, you have to consider preparing your whole body for the procedure. You need to prepare your colon a week before by increasing your fresh fruit juice intake. Take carrot or apple juice and unsweetened grapes and orange extracts to commence the irrigation. Increase your fluid intake to remove the toxins in your body.

If you suspect a parasitic infection, be sure to treat it first before doing your gallstone flush. The bile salts present in the stone can be very conducive for bacteria and can prevent its successful elimination.


Ideally your gallstone cleanse should be done on the weekend, when you do not have any other appointments during the day. Stop taking your usual medicines since they can hinder the process. Take a fat-free breakfast like fruits and a light fat-free lunch.

Do not eat anything solid in the afternoon and avoid fluids from the early evening. This is to give time for your stomach to evacuate its contents and reduce your chances of getting nauseous.


In the evening of your cleansing day, you’ll start drinking a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice every 15 minutes for a total of 2 hours. During this time, you should lie down and relax. After the drinking sessions, try to go to sleep by lying on your right side.

After about five to fifteen hours, you will feel the urge to move your bowel. Expect a diarrheic stool. You can sieve the stool to check if the gallbladder cleanse is effective. Look for a green-colored stones in your stool, or it can also be tan with white crystals of cholesterol.

This is just a sample of what of the gallstone flush involves. For the full list of ingredients, the quantities needed, and the step-by-step plan, have a look at the Gallstone Removal Report. It also includes diet tips to help you prevent gallstones in the future.

The procedure cannot be successful for all people. However, the gallstone cleanse is worth trying before undergoing a painful and expensive surgical gallstone removal procedure.

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  1. Bob White

    I totally agree with the article. More people need to learn about gallstones natural treatments. Surgery should only be the last resort. I once had gallstones. This website helped me, and I no longer suffer from gallstones after following the advice. Good luck!

  2. Renee

    A couple years ago my husband was told he had gal stones..ok.he went on..Does not want surgury..asked the doctor about breaking up the stones..Dr says go to ER When it gets too much.. For 4 mos he has had severe pain in his shoulder neck and back, he beleives its his ruptured discs Last night I showed him pictures of where gal bladder pain can bne, exactly where he hurt I want him to do the cleanse. How long should he use apples/ apple juice befor a cleans? I feel this will work. I hope to convince him to try it. He has hepotitis c also so he wants to keep his gal bladder. Wish us Success..

  3. Mita Bakshi

    Is it possible to remove Gallstone without operation.
    I am a female of age 52 With Gallstones for last 20years. Suggest any medicine.
    Thanking you.

  4. Arnold

    Just this day 17th day of june 2011 I personally experienced flushing out GALLSTONE same as this procedure that I have done and I feel more relief at this very moment, thanks very much for all those who shared their knowledge on how to avoid operation in removing gallstones…….and taking it out the natural way.

    1. Terry

      Hi Arnold,

      Glad to hear the gallstone flush worked for you. Now to prevent any from coming back, I would suggest you alter your diet, so that you don’t have to go through the cleansing procedure later on. Anyway, thanks for the update on your cleanse.

  5. Audrey

    If I have a big stone and a few little ones and I do the cleanse will the big one get stuck? I am kind of afraid… I am in alot of pain and the hospital gave me pain pills but I dont want to have to take pain pills daily.

    1. Terry Post author

      Hi Audrey,

      What’s nice about doing the cleanse is that you can do it more than once if all the stones are not removed the first time round. With larger stones you may have to do just that. With the cleansing procedure, first your gallstones are softened before they are flushed out, so I would not worry too much about the pain. But if you are skeptical, always consult your doctor about doing the cleanse before going along with it.

  6. Marie

    I’m only 18 and yet I suffer from gall stones. Found out about 1 month ago, and I’ve been getting attacks every four days. The doctor already advised me to get a surgery.. But then I told my parents that I wanna try the gall bladder flush/cleanse I’ve been seeing over the net. Hope this works for me! No harm in trying.

    Thank you for sharing


    I have suffered from gallstones for about 6 years and i actually have a removal surgery scheduled, but i stumbled on this website and i’ve already purchased the ingredients for the cleanse and will post the results of my experience. Just a thank you in advance to everyone involved in the creation of this site. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lynn

    I’m home recovering after being admitted for acute choleycystitis & reading about this flush. My concern is that I was told to keep my gallbladder issue calm I must not eat any fat or oils (including olive oil) at least until my follow-up with the surgeon (who thankfully is booked for the next 3 months so I have time to do this flush!!!). My concern is that if I drink the olive oil, I will go back into painful attack again. Can you please explain why drinking oil (fat) will not cause me to relapse instead. Thank you! (I also have calcium oxalate kidney stones so I cannot drink carrot juice due to high oxalate. Apple juice isn’t great either. Is grapefruit juice a possible alternative as that is oxalate-free) Tks!


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