Common Gallbladder Attack Relief Methods

Gall Bladder ReliefGallbladder attack relief can be achieved through various methods. Common methods include both surgical and non-surgical procedures which are administered depending on your needs.

The effects of gall bladder relief are the following:

• It lessens the gas buildup that occurs in your abdomen.
• It allows for relief of pain and discomfort.
• It improves your digestive system.


Surgery isn’t often the first option presented to you. Usually, doctors prescribe a series of pain relievers and other medicines in order to expel gallstones through your body’s normal digestive processes.

The immediate response to your discomfort is often to manage it. This is done through intravenous injection of strong painkillers that are able to manage the pain. Some of these pain killers include Meperidine and NSAID Ketorolac.


Some patients are given relief through lithotripsy, a non-invasive method that effectively breaks up the gall stones. This process takes time and not everyone may be qualified to take the treatment. This is usually done when you have isolated stones; meaning that they are few and are set widely apart.

Oral Dissolution Therapy

Drug therapy is also an option. Similar to pain killers, this is a process where your doctor places you under controlled medication – both designed to manage the pain and provide relief from the discomfort. This is the most common option patients take to achieve immediate gall bladder attack relief.


When all else fails, a laparoscopic cholecystectomy becomes the most viable option for gallbladder treatment. This should only be done by a licensed medical practitioner. An incision is made in your abdomen in order to take out the diseased gallbladder.

It is important that you make sure why you decide to take out one of your organs. You must understand that removing your gallbladder will have a lot of effects on the body. Though these effects might not be the same for all of us, it is still important that you understand the general implications of a gall bladder attack relief procedure.

Laser Treatment

In certain cases where the organ is not completely dysfunctional, gallstones (usually the main cause of your pain) are taken out using a high powered laser that melts the stones inside the gallbladder. This procedure is quite popular too as it poses less invasive measures in the body, and it allows for faster gallbladder relief.

Natural Alternatives

What doctors often fail to tell you is that there are natural alternatives to finding relief from a gall bladder attack. This generally involves the process of performing a gallbladder flush to help get rid of the stones, and going on a healthy gallstones diet to prevent further formation. Everything is explained in this report.

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