Gallbladder Cleanse Options You Can Adopt

Gallbladder CleanseA diagnosis of gallstones may cause you to consider a gallbladder cleanse. The gall bladder is a small organ found near your liver, which produces bile acids, bile salts and bilirubin.

Bile acids and bile salts, together with lipase and co-lipase, are important substances that aid in the digestion of food, especially fat. Without these substances, digestion will not occur properly and pathological conditions result, like steatorrhea, which is characterized by undigested fats in your stool.

Things that help with a gall bladder cleanse include the following:


Vegetables have oils which are classified as good fats or High Density Lipoprotein (HDL). These good fats help in cleansing your gall bladder by bringing the bad fats or Low Density Lipoprotien (LDL) to the liver for complete metabolism and excretion. They also contain phytochemicals and anti-toxins which can help clean your body of toxins through the bile.


Just like in the cleansing mechanism of any organ in your body, the gall bladder can benefit with water therapy. Increased intake of water will help your gallbladder flush away those harmful foreign substances. Drink large amounts of water to maintain your osmotic balance and to cleanse the gall bladder of any impurities.


Fruits are excellent for a gall bladder cleanse. In fact, doctors recommend sweet fruits in pathological conditions concerning the liver and the gall bladder. The essential nutrients like vitamins C and A coming from fruits also help strengthen the gall bladder. Fruit juice is also often used in a gall bladder flush to help soften gallstones.

Sugar Cane

The sweet juice of sugarcane is a good strengthening substance for your gall bladder. Its monosaccharide content makes it ideal as a sugar provider. It has no bad effects, like diabetes mellitus, which you usually derive from too much sugar.


In the same manner that sugarcane helps the gall bladder function, honey has the same effect. Pure honey would have significant effects on the gall bladder and many organs in the body. Its natural monosaccharide component makes it a good source of low glycemic sugar for the body and the benefits that come with it.

My Favorite Method

One of my favorite methods for cleansing my gallbladder is the one outlined in the Gallstone Removal Report. Initially I used it to get rid of my gallstones, but now I follow the advice on a regular basis to keep my gallbladder in perfect health. The best part is it’s completely natural.

Whatever gallbladder cleanse method you employ, natural remedies for gallstones are safer to use. Individual differences, however, occur with each person. You should consider this when selecting the proper method to adopt.

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