Dissolve Gallstones the Natural Way

Dissolve GallstonesIf you are still hesitant to dissolve gallstones the natural way, you might be convinced if you are going to research the complications that can be caused by a gallstone surgery. The procedure is a serious one, which means that there are a lot of side effects that can be caused. It is also generally not necessary.

The fact is you can dissolve gallstones naturally and you can pass them out of your body the natural way, too. But this fact did not prevent a large number of people from undergoing medical surgery. The almost five hundred thousand gallstone operations done in the United States every year will testify to this. It is also one of the most common forms of surgery that is done by surgeons on patients.

Dissolving gallstones will allow you to save a lot on medical expenses, especially since the medical cost of the operation has gone up almost three times in the past ten years. Aside from the cost, the side effects that you can get from surgery can be fatal. It increases your chances of getting bowel and colon cancer as well.

To dissolve gallstones, the body will need a substance called bile. A problem arises when you do not produce enough bile to dissolve the stones effectively. To take out gallstones using natural methods, your ability to secrete bile must be increased, and it can be done with a vitamin that is found in many fruits.

As part of a gallbladder diet, you should increase your intake of Vitamin C. Luckily it is present in most fruits and vegetables. This has been proven by a recent study which suggested that the vitamin is used to turn cholesterol into bile. With more bile acids in your system, you will be able to dissolve gallstones slowly but naturally.

Vitamin C also has the added advantage of lowering your cholesterol, which is beneficial to your heart.

But the treatment does not end with the dissolving of gallstones. You must also be able to pass them out of your body naturally; this can be done with water. This step is called a body flush, and it can allow you to pass gallstones out in less than twenty four hours. What is good about it is that the process is totally painless. You can learn more about it in this report.

In contrast with the pain and hardship that is often experienced with surgery, it is hard to understand why many people would still choose a medical procedure over the natural way to dissolve gallstones.

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  1. Rowland Reeves

    Thank you for this information. My Wife is currently suffering from what appears to be complications caused by gallstones.
    Example: She has a history of suffering pain on the right side of her
    abdominal area just under the ribs. These seem to always come on after we have eaten a large meal late at night including dessert.
    Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and back pains.

    Thanks again,
    Rowland Reeves

    1. Terry

      Hi Rowland,

      The pain she is suffering could be coming from either her liver or gallbladder. I think the best course of action would to go see a doctor to find out what is causing the pain. Then if it is gallstones, then you will know how to deal with it.


  2. Sam

    Hi Rowland,

    I had gallstones too and decided to go the
    natural way to remove them. Apples have
    malic acid which soften the stones. I took
    turmeric with honey and lemon juice every
    morning. Then flax seed oil and ate kale,
    cabbage, broccolli and lots of vegetables.
    Also took Evernew, Refresh, Nutrifresh and
    ACT to help keep the inflammation down
    and naturally remove the stones.

    Went from having the same types of attacks
    your wife did to having no pain whatsoever.
    Keep off oily foods, heavy creams, dairy
    products and animal proteins as they cause
    the most problems with gallstones.

  3. Lydia

    I’m schdeuled for a Lap. KIV Open Cholecystectomy next week on 5 April 2011. Ultrasound scan showed 3 stones (2cm to 1.9cm) in my gallbladder with slight inflammation.

    I agree that surgical removal is very invasive, so I’m going to postphone the op and try out natural remedies of dissolving gallstones. Any advice from you would be appreciated. 🙂

  4. waahid khan

    Hi, i have a gall stone of 22mm, i had a severe gall stone attack 2 years back, but since then i havent had one.I suffer lot of flatulence in my stomach and heartburn, i would like to know if i can dissolve the gall stone by using alternate or any other medicine as docs have advised me to go for a surgery.
    Thanks & regards

    1. Terry

      Hi Waahid,

      Sorry to hear that you’re still suffering with gallstones. What I always recommend when it comes to getting rid gallstones is to first try all natural alternatives available. My favorite way, which has worked for me and many others is outlined in the Gallstone Removal Report – just follow the link to read more about it in my review. The method outlined might help sought out your flatulence and heartburn too.

      I really do not know why doctors always jump straight into surgery these days, but I found the natural ways to be far safer and cheaper too. When all else fails, then go the surgical route.


      1. Debbie Vanhoeck

        I live in Ocala Florida and I’m having what I’m positive to be gall bladder attacks! Sometimes i feel like I’m dying…what I would like to know is I have no insurance. Is there places to go that would help with something likre this? I can’t continue to live like this! I’d rather give birth than go thru another attack! I’m 53 years old we have a limited income my husband being self employed we don’t qualify for medicaid or medically needy…please if you know an avenue I could take please let me know!! I’m begging you. Please help!!!!!

  5. Divine Foy-os

    I have been to Abdominal Ultrasound and the result said that i have small cholesterol in my gallblader,and i can resolve it through diet but i don’t know what diet it is and how can i dissolve this cholesterol as early as possible because i have symptoms that suggest it,like pain in my right lower rib after eating or staying in one position for so long..Hope to here from you soon.thank you..

  6. Ramana naik

    I have feeling uneasy at my right abdominal. Just day back taken ct scan says I have tiny gallbladder calculi. Pls give me suggestions


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