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What Causes Gallstones?

what-causes-gallstonesBefore we look at what causes gallstones, let us quickly understand what gallstones are in the first place.

Gallstones are tiny stones that develop when bile hardens in your gallbladder. The stones can vary in size, from as small as specks of sand to as large as golf balls. Also, depending on your condition, gallbladder stones come in many… Read More

Gallstones Symptoms Can Be Pretty Serious

Gallstones Complications

Living with gallstones symptoms can be pretty serious. From stones as small as a grain of sand to large as a golf ball, either smooth or rough, they should never be ignored. Whether you have just one stone or many of them, gallstones have to be treated. They can clog your body’s cleansing organs and create a toxic environment that can seriously impact your health.

What are the symptoms of gallstones?

You may feel tired, gain weight, suffer from inflamed tissues and can even face a weakened immune system. If you think that the signs of gallstones aren’t that bad, think again. Your gallstones may not be causing much pain now, but do you really want to wait until the pain gets extreme?

Doing nothing about your gallstone symptoms can have grave consequences and bring about a number of complications: Read More

Gallstone Treatment: Removal and Health

Gallstones TreatmentWhen bile in your gallbladder hardens, gallstones are formed. There are silent stones where people have no symptoms, but if you are suffering from pain and discomfort, you would need gallstones treatment to get relief. The normal symptoms of a gallstone attack can also cause nausea, vomiting and pain in your shoulder or shoulder blades.

The treatment for gallstones can either be surgical or nonsurgical. Read More